WordPress is a Open Source technology using PHP and MySQL as its platforms and is always known as CMS (Content Management Systems) globally.

WordPress Development

WordPress is a Open Source technology using PHP and MySQL as its platforms and is always known as CMS (Content Management Systems) globally. WordPress was designed and released initially for use as Blog however it was broadly recognized like a Full-Fledge CMS which can be used to design and host websites too. Today WordPress is used successfully by 14% of the 1,000,000 greatest websites.

WordPress as Blog

Blog has turned into a renegade for each company who would like to keep in touch using its regular site visitors or provide variety with Content within their sites. WordPress is your blog which can be easily used for exactly the same purpose. But As all story of Open Source Finishes at Personalization, WordPress also requires some Personalization with Feel and look. We offer corporate branding towards the WordPress Blog by providing a company touch and designing up for your needs. We discover options with using plug-ins provided by WordPress Community and help increasing a Blog from the Simple Blog Publish network to a complete Blog with getting Company Theme touch, Calendar, Quick Notes, Category, Archives and much more.

WordPress Design and Development

At Vertexsoftwares we follow all of the most advanced technology updates and adopt them making them open to our clients. All of this includes mapping needs with Solutions, checking the feasibility of WordPress to produce you website. Design Personalization, Plug-in Development and much more. Vertexsoftwares differs for supplying services in WordPress when it comes to quality compared to competitor. We have a state-of-art development center concentrating on the customer needs and craft the whole WordPress Package according with not just clients business easily but also as a advantage point for Internet Presence of the organization or individual

WordPress Integration

A lot of companies search for a really specific kind of Job that is transforming PSD into WordPress Template and Integrating into WordPress Platform. Vertexsoftwares addresses the integration issues very effectively and offers services by providing Template Integration, Plug-in Integration. At Vertexsoftwares, you could have services for

  • WordPress Personalization
  • WordPress Template Development
  • WordPress Website Development
  • WordPress CMS Development
  • WordPress CMS Maintenance
  • WordPress Template Design
  • WordPress Plug-in Development
  • WordPress Search engine optimization Services
  • WordPress Support
  • WordPress Blog Corporate Branding

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